About the Show

Welcome cosmic family to The Portal to Ascension Show! This community oriented gathering will take place once a month and is an extension to the paradigm shifting events we create on Portal to Ascension. We will introduce you to luminaries who will share their insight and passion for the upliftment of humanity and shift in consciousness. There will be music and wisdom; but most of all, this event is to share love, compassion and joy as we move into a new octave of existence on Planet Earth. Each monthly show will have a different theme!. Join Neil Gaur, Alan Steinfeld and other amazing co-hosts to cultivate harmony, truth and community at the PTA Show!


About Our Hosts

Joan of Angels

Joan of Angels, also known as Dr. Joan Hangarter, D.C., is a channel for angelic energies and is here to heal, inspire and remind others of their purpose and potentials. She acts as an intuitive guide, oracle and transformational teacher, and is known for her healing messages, wisdom and art she channels.

She is host of Miracle Monday, a visionary artist, a Doctor of Chiropractic, and holds a master’s in counseling. For over 40 years she has guided, counseled, and uplifted people from across the world to align their body, mind, and spirit to reclaim their personal power and allow the leader within to emerge.

In 2013, she was guided to paint 33 angels in 30 days, thus launching her work as an artist and a channel for these divine beings to assist you.

Visit her at www.joanofangels.com to get your FREE E-BOOK on living your soul -filled purpose.

Chiraya Dharma

With more than 30 years of experience as a multi-dimensional spiritual healer, Chiraya Dharma is an author, coach and wisdom keeper who shares the Codes of Union for this age of awakening through her books, energetic healing experiences, coaching and courses. Chiraya Dharma helps us re-envision our world, our businesses, and our lives through the Recalibrations Process. 

She has helped people for over 30 years to get in touch with the mental and emotional clarity required to have a healthy mind and outlook. Her gifts from spirit include the ability to see, hear, feel, and know with you what has transpired creating blocks and stuck traumas in multi-dimensional levels of our ancestral lineages, past lives, cultural conditioning and early childhood. As these old energetics get clarified, they also get cleared out of the system so that people can begin to manifest their lives more readily in the directions of their choosing.

Visit her on the web at ChirayaDharma.com

Alan Steinfeld

Alan Steinfeld is the author of Making * Contact: The New Realities of Extraterrestrial Existence.

The book is a collection of essays by experts in the field of UFOs.

He hosts/produces the show Youtube.com/NewRealities with 75,000 subscribers and 20 million viewers.

Producer of The Hidden Hand and Calling All Earthlings (on George van Tassel), Alan feels that “only when the explorations of the soul are combined with the adventures of the mind will we find our place in the cosmos.” 

Waxéla Sananda

Waxéla (wa-shay-la) Sananda is a Galactic Shaman, Embodied Ascension Trainer, Conscious Life Mentor, Activator of Spiritual Gifts, author, and host of The Alchemy of Ascension Summit and Podcast.

Combining celestial starseed consciousness and shamanic training, Waxéla holds space for humanity to experience the embodiment of Divine Frequencies. She is a conscious light channel assisting in the activation of spiritual gifts and soul codes within her soul family.

She has been a lifelong extra-dimensional contactee and holds memories from multiple Earth and star race incarnations. Her mission is to assist and support the Ascension of Earth and Humanity.

Visit her on the web at WaxelaSananda.com.

Neil Gaur

Neil Gaur is the Founder of Portal to Ascension… a conscious event production company created in 2008 that hosts a wide range of presenters on a variety of topics such as the origins of humanity, the existence of Extraterrestrial life, exposing hidden truths and exploring the nature of reality. He travels the world facilitating gatherings and filming documentaries that are intended to empower the individual to reclaim their sovereignty and awaken to their full potential. Neil also operates an online platform that creates and facilitates about 110 conferences and workshops a year. At this point Portal to Ascension has worked with over 1500 researchers, spiritualists, scientists, consciousness explorers and more. Neil is a philosopher, historian, researcher and spoken word artist. He presents his research on the ancient wisdom and future science of sound, vibration & frequency; as well as in depth explorations into ancient civilizations, archeological discoveries, space anomalies, shedding light on hidden esoteric wisdom and exploring ways in which we can create unity and peace on Earth.

Marianna Leah

Marianna Leah Hernandez is a well-known channel for the energy and wisdom of Mary Magdalene. She has traveled to Israel and the Middle East as part of her spiritual quest and participated in numerous international workshops on the sacred role of Mary Magdelene in the world today. Marianna is also a transcendental medium, reiki and shamanic energy practitioner, past life regressionist, DNA Activator, cellular light specialist, Angelic Quantum Vector Healer, Founder of the Light of Love Meditation Program in Brooklyn, New York. She has also been teaching a modified version of Egyptian Yoga for almost a decade. This type of yoga practice not only alleviates breathing problems and realigns the spine but is also made to fit the needs of the elderly and disabled. Her deepest desire in this lifetime is to help people awaken to their authentic selves and to achieve their greatest potential.