You are currently viewing High Frequency Messages from Starseeds – WATCH NOW

High Frequency Messages from Starseeds – WATCH NOW

Get ready for Cosmic Expansion! 

WATCH NOW – In this show hosted by Galactic Shaman Waxela Sananda, you will hear from four premier Starseed speakers, each with their own unique ways of bringing Divine frequencies and messages to Earth at this powerful time of shift and change.  

Are you a Starseed?  Starseeds are those of us who have come from all parts of the Universe to answer the call of planet earth and humanity for assistance in the Ascension process that is happening right now.  Starseeds bring galactic knowledge, frequencies, transmissions and star codes to support and activate humanity at this pivotal time.

Guest speakers include:

Tamara Caulder Richardson, a 6 time near death experiencer, Christ channeler, evidential medium, and a powerful starseed activator. 

Melissa Feick, an ascension guide assisting humanity in raising frequency through Akashic record healing, ancient practices and starseed consciousness.

Michael Abramson is an Ascension Alchemist serving humanity from the heart of his sacred divine masculinity. He works directly with Archangel Michael and the celestial realms to bring healing and transformation

Margarita Alcantara is a Shamanista Medicine Woman, Activator for the New Code of Power, and a Keeper of the Blue Flame.

Our musical guest, the dynamic Shamanatrix Missy Galore creates music and art to Galactivate Hearts with LOVEolution. Channeling Cosmic Yum from our Central Sun!