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Reclaim Your Power To Ascend Your Timeline – WATCH NOW

WATCH NOW – Join PTA Show Co-Producers Waxela Sananda, Joan of Angels, Marianna Leah and Chiraya Dharma for an empowering show to help us restore balance in our earthly walks and on our spiritual journeys. We will be musically serenaded by the beautiful i,Star couple, Truth-I and Aradhana from North Carolina. 

This pivotal show will open up our minds and hearts for the next phase on the earthly game board, while helping us restore our rightful, original Source-God-Given Powers from Within to Co-create beauty, harmony, prosperity and well-being for all. Each host will share a segment towards the culmination of a sacred Reclamation of Power activity. You can read more about all the amazing speakers hosts appearing on this show here.

Our special musical guests are Truth-i and Aradhana from i,Star Music!

From the heart of Appalachia, I,Star rises… Encompassing a core fusion of emcee/producer Truth-I Manifest’s potent lyrical flow and production, and singer/songwriter Aradhana Silvermoon’s angelic melodies and guitar licks, this husband-wife duo’s performances are a dynamic interplay of hard-hitting rhymes weaving through evocative refrains, building to harmonies in the hooks. Their wholly original “folk-hop” carriage bears keen commentary on personal and global transformation, ancient wisdom, stewardship of the Earth, social justice, and Love amidst it all. Whether in configuration with acoustic guitar and bare vocals, the addition of Truth-I’s booming backbeats, or accompanied by other instrumentalists, I,Star inspires listeners to groove deeply and journey into their rich imagery and soundscapes. Displaying wide, genre-crossing versatility with influences of funk, world, reggae, and rock to accent their folk-hop essence, I,Star’s music has broad appeal to lovers of many flavors. In the expanding constellation of progressive and conscious musical offerings, these luminaries shine brightly.

With twenty-five years each of performing at festivals, colleges, clubs, yoga studios, theaters, tearooms, coffeehouses, and forests, Aradhana and Truth-I have had the opportunity to appear alongside a wide range of talented artists, including Michael Franti, Blackalicious, Nahko & Medicine for the People, Rising Appalachia, The Polish Ambassador, Donna Delory, Leon Mobley & Da Lion, Shimshai, Dustin Thomas, Elijah Ray, Lynx, Marya Stark, Kuf Knotz & Christine Elise, Maesyn, and The Human Experience, as well as internationally touring conscious hip-hop band, Luminaries, with whom they performed from 2006 to 2009.